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VersusLaw Registration

VersusLaw is an online legal research service that includes cases from the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Courts of Appeals, U.S. District Courts, state appellate courts, and tribal opinions from over 20 Indian nations.

The Law School Program gives law students, faculty and library staff members free access to the VersusLaw standard plan on an annual basis (you must reactivate your account each year after August 15). Access through the Law School Program is limited to research for academic purposes only, and may not be used in conjunction with law firm or other legal-related employment.

Why does VersusLaw provide this free access?

We do it because we feel it is extremely important that you, the law student, acquaint yourself with the tools you'll need once you start practicing law. We believe you'll find using our research system valuable and a tool you'll want to use later in the “real” world.

New Account Registration

To register for free VersusLaw access through the Law School Program, go to and click on the Law School link under Special Groups. If you agree to VersusLaw’s Terms and Conditions, complete the short user identification form. Your password will be sent to your ASU email address within 24 hours (usually much more quickly).