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The Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law Faculty Scholarship  Repository 

The Ross-Blakley Law Library is the central point for the distribution and preservation of the faculty scholarship of the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law.  The Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law Faculty Scholarship Repository provides easy access to the scholarly works of the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law's faculty.  The repository is designed to capture the scholarly output of our faculty in a form that features excellent organization, permits subject and keyword searching capability and offers full text access.  Links to HeinOnline, Westlaw,  and SSRN are included where available for each of your publications.  If you have retained the intellectual property rights to your articles, we can also post the full text of your articles directly to the repository.


SSRN is an open-access online preprint community which provides services to academia and government institutions. SSRN specializes primarily in the social sciences, including economics, law, corporate governance, and humanities. SSRN provides opportunities for scholars to post their early research, collaborate on theories and discoveries, and get credit for their ideas before peer reviewed publication.  SSRN is a great starting point for PhD students, professors, and institutional faculty to post early-stage research, prior to publication in academic journals.

SSRN provides the online database of early scholarly research – a permanent and searchable online library – always available, worldwide. Authors can post their working papers and abstracts. Academics and researchers can browse the SSRN data library and upload their own papers free of charge. The majority of papers can be downloaded from SSRN free of charge. SSRN also provides metrics on author rankings.

Law school policy encourages all faculty to publish their scholarship on SSRN.  SSRN was founded in 1993 in order to create a way for scholars to share their work and research before their papers worked their way through the long publication process.  SSRN objectives are to provide worldwide distribution of research, facilitate communication between scholars, researchers, and other users. If you would like to add your scholarship to SSRN, you can create an account here:  SSRN

If you have questions, please contact Leslie A. Pardo at 480-965-3579 or email

Other Scholarship Resources


ExpressO is an online manuscript delivery service to law reviews. Founded over a decade ago, ExpressO continues to serve the law community of authors, editors, and law schools.

How does it work? Law reviews sign up with ExpressO to receive and manage author submissions; authors use ExpressO to submit their manuscripts to these law reviews to consider for publication; and law schools can provide the ExpressO service by covering submission charges on behalf of their faculty and students.

What does ExpressO offer? ExpressO hosts a suite of integrated tools and features designed to increase efficiency of submission receipt and management for editors. Authors and their institutions use ExpressO to process submissions. Instructions for submiiting material to ExpressO.

LexisNexis Directory of Law Reviews

The LexisNexis Directory of Law Reviews contains contact information for general student edited law reviews, special focus student edited publications, peer-reviewed and trade journals, and university presses.

Copyright Management

Creative Commons Copyright Licenses

The Creative Commons copyright licenses and tools provide simple and standardized ways to grant copyright permissions to creative work.

Scholar's Copyright Addendum Engine from Science Commons
The Scholar's Copyright Addendum Engine will help you generate a PDF form that you can attach to a journal publisher's copyright agreement to ensure that you retain certain rights.

Author Rights & the SPARC Author Addendum

ACRL Scholarly Communication Toolkit